1. On the ToughBook, locate and tap the Wireless Switch Utility in the system tray near the Date/Time. It looks like a red dot with a yellow lightning bolt.

2. In the context menu, make sure Bluetooth Power ON. If not, tap this option to turn Bluetooth ON.

3. Locate, tap and hold the Bluetooth icon in the system tray near the Date/Time.  In the context menu, select the Bluetooth Settings.  In the General tab, make a note of the Device Name.

4. Locate, tap and hold the Bluetooth icon in the system tray near the Date/Time. In the context menu, select the Bluetooth Assistant.

5. The Bluetooth Assistant dialog will display and search for Bluetooth devices. This dialog will auto-dismiss after a few moments of searching.

6. While the Bluetooth Assistant is searching for Bluetooth devices, set the resistograph drill to discoverable using the following steps.

7. On the resistograph drill display, turn the knob to move the highlight option to the System Control Menu. Select the option by pressing the knob.

8. Locate and select the Bluetooth menu. The Bluetooth settings will display.

9. Confirm that Bluetooth State = ON and Mode = Active. If these are not set properly, move the highlight to each and correct the settings.

10. Move the highlight to the Connection section, then select New to establish a new connection.

11. In the Select Location screen, move the selector to a storage location to be used. If you select a storage location that is already used by another connection, the existing connection will be overwritten.

12. After selecting the storage location, new Bluetooth devices will be searched.  When a Bluetooth device is found, it will be displayed. 

13. If the first Bluetooth device found is NOT the ToughBook name that was noted in step 3 above, select NO to display the next Bluetooth device within range. Once the ToughBook name has been located, select YES to store the connection.

14. A dialog will be displayed on the ToughBook requesting a PIN.  Enter 0000 then tap OK.  If the device was able to establish the connection, then it will be stored.