JRM Collect


When opening JRM Collect, the user sees an error stating that a GPS port (COM4 in this case) does not exist.


Update the GPS port that Collect is looking for to match what is in Mappoint

1. Open Mappoint and view the GPS port it's using (GPS configuration settings).

2. Open JRM Collect, and click the check mark when the error pops up.

3. Click the padlock on the left:

4. Then click the settings tab on the right, and click "Open Application Folder":

5. In the folder, there will be a file:

6. Open this file with Notepad, and search for GPSCOMPORT. You should see the following:

<setting name="GPSCOMPORT" serializeAs="String">



7. Change the COM4 value to match what Mappoint is using for the GPS port.

8. Save the file, and restart JRM Collect.